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She stared at the ceiling in the dark room, only a small stream of light found its way through the curtains and made a little line of white in the ceiling. She was naked, without any covers or blankets. Shivering from the slight cold she wished that he would arrive, her loved one, he went to the bathroom for a quick shower. She carefully touched her nipples that were errect from the cold, it felt nice, she let her hand slowly wander down her body until it reached her private parts. For a moment, she hesitated, but then gave in to the feeling and allowed her hand further down to touch herself. A quick moan escaped her lips as the sudden surge of emotions ran through her body, she began to gently rub her clit. What is this unfamiliar feeling? Do I care what it is? It feels so good.

This was it, this was what she had been waiting for so long, why didnt she try this before, after all she was 16 now. She felt her body ache for release, still she didnt know from what, her moans came more often now and she didnt hold them back. After another few moments there was an explosion of feelings, a surge of joy that went through her entire body, she moaned aloud from pleasure, this is it, this is what she had been waiting for so long, rapture. The wave settled and she decided to check in on her boyfriend, what could have taken him so long?
He said it would only be a quick shower, as she opened the bathroom door her stomache turned, and she doubbled over and vomited on the floor, there he was, pale, unmoving, with his neck in a un-natural angle. She fell to her knees and cried, at least now, after that much pleasure, she could truly fathom the horror and the pain of what had happened while she was enjoying herself. Guilt overwhealmed her and she reached for her razors, wanting to end her life. How could she have been so ignorant, so selfish, enjoying herself while her beloved died. A sharp pain screamed from her wrists and she fell to the floor, laying there naked while her life slowly bled from her.

and the moral of the story: sex in the shower isnt a bad thing, join your boy/girlfriend next time he/she goes to Ã₝clean upÃ₝

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  • Författare Författare: NuclearAnt

  • Publicerad Publicerad: 2005-03-24

  • Kategori Kategori: Onani

  • Källa Källa: Porrigt

  • Betyg Betyg: 2/5 (1 röster)

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